Synchronize save games between windows computers. Cloud save games with Dropbox. [Minecraft/Dragon Age]

Steam Cloud in games like Valve’s Half Life franchise and Torchlight is really handy for synchronizing save games across laptops/desktops or work computers. But I want it in more games! So I did it my self with some easy symbolic links and a Dropbox account (signup for one now using my link if you don’t have one yet). Here are two quick examples of how you would make Minecraft and Dragon Age: Origins saves go to your dropbox rather than your user account tied to your computer.  You’ll have to do this on each computer you want to syncronize save games to the cloud.  Keep in mind, if you don’t know what you’re doing and screw up you might loose your saves by trying this so here’s your warning: Back up your save folders before running the below commands.

I’m writing the symbolic link commands so they are as copy pastable as possible, for multiple windows releases. If all else fails, use the full path rather than the environment variable (%APPDATA%, %HOMEPATH%).

Lets Begin, first make a folder in your dropbox folder called ‘Game Saves’ to house your new save games. Then within this new saves folder make a folder for your games, (e.g. Minecraft/Dragon Age)

Now you need to know where your save game folder is for each game, we’ll start with Minecraft. In either windows XP, Vista, or 7 you can just go to your Start button, Run (or windows+R shortcut) and enter `%APPDATA%\.minecraft\` and you’ll see the saves folder. Move it to some place safe or just rename it to “saves_backup”. Then you want to put another copy of the `saves` folder in your newly crated `Dropbox\Game Saves\Minecraft\` folder. [Note: Copying a large Minecraft saves folder can take a while because of the massive amount of tiny files used by Minecraft]

After that’s done successfully, open another Run prompt from the Windows Start menu and this time type in `cmd`. In the black DOS command prompt that opens enter this (Note you may need to change the Dropbox path if yours is “My Dropbox” or customized)

mklink /D "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves" "%HOMEPATH%\Dropbox\Save Games\Minecraft\saves"

For Dragon Age: Origins you should find your save games in `%HOMEPATH%\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age`. Move and or backup the Characters folder. Then copy the Characters folder to `Dropbox\Game Saves\Dragon Age Origins\`

mklink /D "%HOMEPATH%\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Characters" "%HOMEPATH%\Dropbox\Save Games\Dragon Age\Characters"

Just to reiiterate the fact you have to change your path, here is another command I had to run using a different dropbox path (one computer used ‘My Dropbox’, the other just used ‘Dropbox’ for some reason).

mklink /D "%HOMEPATH%\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Characters" "%HOMEPATH%\My Dropbox\Save Games\Dragon Age\Characters"

This concept is easily applied to any game. Just change the paths to match where that game’s saved files folder are located; usually they’re in my `documents/my saves`, or` my docuemnts/publisher name`, or one of application data’s folders.

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4 thoughts on “Synchronize save games between windows computers. Cloud save games with Dropbox. [Minecraft/Dragon Age]

  1. Just a note that users should make sure that you run the command prompt as Administrator if not logged in as the administrator, otherwise it will not allow the creation of the symbolic link. Once I got the link path right though, this worked like a charm. Thanks.

  2. Hello, I just discovered this amazing work around for cloud saves on your blog, but I keep getting a “Cannot create a file when that file already exists” problem and it is frustrating me. If you still check this blog, which I hope you do! Please e-mail me if you know how to fix this. Thank You

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