Spamato vs SpamBayes [Win7]

Which spam prevention product wins: SpamBayes vs Spamato? SpamBayes is the clear winner in my mind.

I used Spamato with my outlook 2007 first and recently switched to Spambayes because Spamato simply wouldn’t work with Windows 7 even after going through an enormous hassle of hacking Microsoft’s .NET Framework 1.1 installer to get it to install in Windows 7.

I’m really glad I switched, SpamBayes has amazing accuracy when trained with your Spam/Ham folders. It even has a ‘Junk Suspects’ folder which has caught all (1 or 2) my ham messages which is mistook for spam. I don’t think any Ham has ended up in the Junk folder unless it was an automated mail/newsletter and those quickly stopped going to junk after useing the ‘recovering from spam’ toolbar button to improve training.

I used Spamato for more than a year and it works fairly well, I liked it and recommended it to others. Every time I recommended it to a non technical person I cringed a little bit after remembering the fact that it requires a couple, not so simple to explain over the phone, prerequisites.

The finite accuracy seems better in SpamBayes and the installation is definitely a hell of a lot easier than Spamato.

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